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Afriknowledge ~ Afrocentric Knowledge

  • AfriPeople
    They did it and you can too Discover some of the contributions our ancestors have made and contemporaries are making to humanity.
  • AfriCulture
    Learn about some of the cultural traditions of our people around the world.
  • AfriHeroes
    Read t about outstanding Africans around the diaspora.
  • AfriBooks
    "If you want to hide something from Black people put it in a book because Blacks don't read." You can easily prove this statement untrue.
  • AfRecordings
    Listen to some of the great voices of our time and all time.
  • AfriArticles
    Issues of importance to African consciousness
  • FUQ
    Frequently Unasked Questions
  • AfriHeritage
    Learn and study our great spiritual heritage
  • AfriSurvival
    It's not a matter of "if." It's a matter of "when." Are we so enslaved to our comfortable lifestyle of conveniences that we will be utterly helpless in times of emergency? To be prepared is not the same as worrying. In fact, it's when we don't prepare that we have the most to worry about.
Knowledge is one of the most valuable assets we have. It's absence has been the major reason we have fallen victim to forces that take advantage of our vulnerabilities. On these pages you will find knowledge about who you are as a child of Africa and where you came from. Teach yourself and your children to know themselves and not be ashamed of where they came from. But dignity and self-respect aren't sustained merely by willing them into existance. These valuable virtues must rest on a foundation of truth and right actions. The knowledge on these pages is designed to be the mortar for just such a foundation. The Mind The Land
copyright 2007 by Rhonda Johnson